Sunday, April 30, 2006

6 days

As of today there are 6 days until the tourney begins next saturday at the CNC gym and I dont feel ready at all. My basement is a disaster because of the flood we had last thursday so I dont have room to practice. Also they have fans that are blowing warm air 24/7 into the carpet so it smells really bad and I don't get much sleep. I think I might be getting a cold too. We'll see though.

I also hate when friends dont call me back. Stupid Ryan was supposed to come with my family for Christina's birthday dinner, but he didn't want to answer his phone all 13 times we called him, oh well.

I've been grumpy all day and I dont know why, maybe its because of the lack of sleep or maybe its because of other reasons I dunno. I think I need to go talk to my doctor again soon, I'm not thinking so clearly again. but anyway im dead tired and im feeling sick from all the Mento's I ate tonight. (yea i went out and bought mentos :P )

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"So Busy, front side back side, so gross"

Wow. I've been so busy lately. Saturday I saw Becca off on her way to kick ass at her auditions, really hope the judges see her talent and give her a place in their course.
I can't really remember what happened on sunday, but monday tuesday and today have been nuts.

I get up for work at 7am, im there by 8:30, we're working by 9:30, done by 5 or 6pm and then without going home I go straight to TKD and im there until 10:30, at which point I go home and eat something and im awake until 11:00 or later, this is nuts. my days have never been so long and busy. I guess I sort of know what it's like for becca, oh by the way Fuzzy I'm sorry for every time I got grumpy because you didnt have time, I kinda understand now.

Tonight I'm going to denny's to work from 4-10, and then getting up at 7am again tomorrow. ugg going to be exausted but oh well, Just waiting for those paycheques.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

One More Stress Off My Shoulders

So, I'm sure most of you know by now that I've had some problems in the recent past with my mental and emotional health and that I've been trying to fix the things that I feel were/are wrong with myself/my life.

On that note, I have news. I have a new job. I start monday. I can wither get paid for exactly 40 hours a week at $10.00 and hour or I can get paid hourly (that means some days I get paid for 5 hours some days 16 hours) also at $10.00 an hour.
I'm super happy, I no longer have to stress every pay day wondering if I'll have enough money to pay for my car and my insurrance, and still have enough left over for the $200 cell phone bill and the $77 TKD bill.
But now my first paychecque of the month pays for my car and insurrance and my second pays for the rest with some money left over, so maybe now I can actually start saving and replace the $4000 my dad left me that I wasted trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.

Also, tomorrow's TKD class which starts at 6:15 and runs till 7:15 IS MINE! I have the keys to the Dojang and also the key code for the alarm system, just if you're wondering its ****. HA! that was fun, but seriously I do have it, im excited, this will be my very first class that I'm teaching entirely by myself. I'm so nervous and scared, I can't wait.

Also, I have another day of Starwars marathon planned for tomorrow starting at 8:00 am in christina's computer room. woot for me. I think im going to bring a blanket and a foot rest because its uncomfortable sitting in a chair for 7 hours watching movies and not really moving much. Anyway I have a big busy nervous FUN shitty day planned for tomorrow so it's sleepy time, after a couple hours of World of Warcraft lol,

night bitches

Fucking Fuck Fuck Fuckitty Fuck-fuck Fucking FUCK!

This sucks. I hate doing favors for my sister.

So I'm at Christina's house right now Hiding in her computer room because I can't survive anywhere else in the house. There are strange men here ripping up floors and exposing the biohasardus mould that was growing under the old floors. Just breathing out there is a challenge.

So Im in the computer room, pondering my fate, wondering what to do when I look down and see the Windows Media Player quick button, and I think to myself... does her computer have a DVD rom? and HELLZ FUCKING YES IT DOES!!!! so now armed with my knowledge of the dvd rom goodness I charge out into the living room and navigate my way through stacked couches, dining room tables, washers, dryers, fridges, and ovens (really it was only one of each of the last 5 tiems, but this sounds more dramatic, until i said that...) and I climb over my final obsticle in my journey to the entertainment center (the guys tool box), and I look inside at all the movie goodness, and guess what I have decided to do....


Sunday, April 16, 2006


Wow. I just read JU-ON the manga Becca got me for my B-Day. Holy frick it's creepy, the graphic ness of the death scenes.... at one point the daughter who has just been attacked by cat's comes home and is missing her jaw, so her mother snaps and starts to cut her up and cook her in a stu pot. when the father gets home all he see's is the top of his daughters head resting on the counter while his wife is cutting carrots and mixing them in with the stu. His wife then starts to chop up her own arm :S fucking sick book.

I love it

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Why must time take so long...

Wow. it's been 10 days since my last post. and she STILL HASN'T WATCHED IT! ***evil glare at Becca*** it's ok though, i know you are hella stupid crazy busy with your life so its koo, i know you'll get to it when you get to it. but anyway..

Thank you so much guys for my awesome b-day party. that was the first one I had really since my 18th bday, and before that I think it was my 15th or 14th was my last real bday party.

I love my Tea pot Jen, still havent used it cause im kinda scared (I'm man enough to admit that I am afraid of a tea pot) but i'll dig real deep and find enough balls to have some tea soon.

I love my candy food, and im beginning to accept the pony that I got from Becca, that you for yet another pony..... *evil glare*

My shirts own, though my mother doesn't like the "damned in flames" on the back of my FF shirt and i dont think she's too happy about the "Tell your mom I said thanks" either but oh well they are MY shirts.

I have discovered the reason why my sister has been very pissed of and bitchy lately... apparently when I told her that I was hanging out with friends on my birthday instead of going out to dinner with my family I forgot to mention that she was invited and that it was at my house :S oops, im sorry sister, my bad. I know you dont read this but at least I said it somewhere.


also I discovered the otherday that I sure do enjoy inflicting physical pain on random people :S sorry stan, and christina, and nadine, and ryan, and anyone else i'll run into in the next couple weeks. but self defence is just so much fun. Punched my instructor so hard on tuesday that I didnt get a chance to do the technique we were practicing because my shock made him let go anyway haha.

I'm rambling. my computer is ghey, I'm about to release some methane into my room. Stargate atlantis season 1 and some of 2 is almost done downloading. Nadine and I are on disk 5 on 5 for Stargate SG-1 Season 8 (she bought it for me for my birthday)


I'm terribly excited about that too, making myself a smoothie on tuesday before TKD and after, anyone wanna come fruit shopping with me? :D:D:D

wow i've typed a lot with not much to say, oh and becca.....

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Yes, I'm doing it again

Yep I'm posting this again because certain people who's oppinion I want the most *Caugh becca* havent mentioned it it any way so please watch this and get back to me.

everyone else you can watch it again because its just that good.

Oh, and ever since I woke up this morning I've had something in my eye but I can't get it out. half a bottle of visene did nothing so im kinda annoyed and a tiny bit worried. oh well it should come out on it's own later

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

So Guess What I Did.

The past couple days have been really really wierd. Since saturday after work I've slept far too much to be normal. Everything has been feeling heavy, and ive been thinking slow if that makes sence. It's so hard to keep my eyes open, and then randomly I stay out until 6am and stay awake until 10am, and then sleep for 4 hours and wake up again. I'm so confused, this is the wierdest weekend for sleep ever.

But anyway on to what I have done.

Tonight after dinner my mother and I sat down and updated my resume. Thats right folks. Phil is going to get a week day job. That'll mean I wont get to see many friends anymore but this not having enough money to pay the bills is starting to affect me. This means I'll be working 7 days a week and training for the upcoming tourney in the evenings monday to friday. I think I'm only going to have saturday and sunday evenings completely off. but I dunno, i'll have to see once I get a job and talk to Mr.Ottesen.

But now since I slept all day and its 11:58, I'm exausted and need more sleep? My god this is strange