Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Deffered! SP?

I know I'll check now... Defered.... I'm pretty sure that the yellow highlight means it's wrong but I sure dont know how to fix it...

So yea... I've been Deffered for my RCMP Application.

My Polygraph went well... again I can't actually talk about it other than in general terms and non specific examples... but it was fun. It started at about 9:00 am (two saturdays ago... I've been busy.. so sue me :P) and it took the better part of 4 hours...

We went over some stuff I had to do for my application package in great detail and it turns out there was a bunch of stuff I didnt even realize I should have mentioned when I went through it the first time but thats ok because that was what this part of the activities for the day were for.

By the time we were done that it was 3 and a half HOURS later... chyeah.. lots of fun was had during those 3.5 hours... anyway then he hooked me up to the machine... (this I can tell you about) It was cool. there were two springy things that went around my chest to measure my breathing patterns, then there was a blood pressure thing like at the Doctors office to measure heart rate and blood pressure, though it wasnt pumped up as much as the Doctors is. and then there were these two metal plates that got strapped to a couple of my fingers to measure skin moisture... and then came the questions. there were only like 15....

Once that was all done he left to study the graphs (the test itself took about 15 minutes, we went through all questions 3 times in different orders) and he printed like 20 pages of charts heh... anyway when he came back he had kind of a serious look on his face... which I thought was wierd because I didnt lie at all... theres no way I could have fooled the machine lol the first thing we did to calibrate the machine told me that...

Anyway he came back in with the serious look, sat down and was like... "is there anything else you want to add?"
and I said no because I hadn't lied at all..
"Are you sure? No Serious Undetected Crimes in the past you want to talk about?"
I almost burst out laughing... Serious Crimes?? WTF!?!
but in the end we figured it was just something I was concerned about with one of the questions that made the machine see a reaction.

It doesnt detect Lies by the way, it detects your reaction to a specific question. Oddly enough when a person Lies the "Fight or Flight" reflex is activated... hence the reaction that happens in the body when a person lies.

but yea it took about a week for the recruiter here in town to go over my file and make a decision on weather or not to proceed with the process....

"You would be a great Officer, you havent done drugs, you didnt lie on the polygraph, you got through all the other tests very well... the PARE could use some work... you cant be throwing up once you're in Depot... the only thing holding you back is your past work habits and ethic." (loosely quoted)

Damn you Denny's and whatever the fuck happened with Byers, which im still confused about! Damn YOU!

The recruiter lady in town here said she'd still see if Vancouver would like to go ahead with the Field Investigation (Background check) and THEN make a decision based on what employers have to say, but she said not to expect it to happen... so now in about 6 months to a year from now I'll be writing Vancouver recruiting a letter requesting to be reinserted into the application process.... which means I'd have to do another polygraph and then the Field... and I'd get to skip all the other stuff like the interview and the Pre-App Exam. since I've already made it through those.

But yea, so I'm in PG for another year and a bit probably... which is fine by me. I get to make money and maybe even have a Social Life... I was kinda closing off since I was expecting to be leaving.

But now it's time to go beat on my punching bag for a while... get a bit of exercise in and wake up...

Oh yea I'm now server at denny's full time next week... so much for getting hired as an S/A... I havent worked a single S/A shift yet. you lie Candice YOU LIE!


  • Hey call me soon, okay? I couldn't understand a single word of that song you left on my voicemail...

    I miss you.

    By Blogger becca, at Wed. Feb. 14, 10:44:00 p.m.  

  • work habits and ethic.... dont you have to work first in order to have work habits and etchic? Hahaha burn ... Ima going to own you.

    congrads on everything you are the pwnerer

    By Blogger Ink Monkey, at Thu. Feb. 15, 12:17:00 p.m.  

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