Monday, July 10, 2006

Aptitude Test

Wow. I got to North District at 12:50ish, and the test started around 1:15.
Wow, it was so fricken long. 5 minutes to memerize the descriptions and pictures of 4 people and 8 different vehicles. Then it was 30 minutes to answer 44 questions about english and grammar and spelling (*puke* spelling). Then 2 hours to answer another 64 questions the first 10 or so were about the stuff you were supposed to memorize, and then the rest was logic, comprehension and math... there was even a physics question in there. V = Vnot + at. Vnot = 24.13 a = 12.34 t = 7.3 what is V. without a calculator... it sucked... cause seriously WTF is 12.34 x 7.3 without a calculator!??! bastards... anyway... after those 108 questions that take a little more than 2.5 hours there was still another 108 questions about your personality and what kind of person you are.

plus there were little breaks in between each section so in all the 3 hour exam that started at 1pm ended at 5pm... (yes I realize that is 4 hours... the 3 hour exam was sarcasm :P )

it sucked. but it was still fun. Now I wait 4-6 weeks for my results and if I pass I get to apply! lol woot! 4 hour exam and 6 week wait just to find out if I am worth sending an application package to. I love it. I can't wait to go to depot.

On a side note I never have to go back to Denny's if I don't want to. My last day ever was.... Boring. very very boring.

Also I love Bev... she almost started crying when I said good bye after she came in for dinner, it was so cute. And yes, I probably will go back for food... Often.