Tuesday, November 07, 2006

So What Up?

Feeling Ansy

Want to punch somthing

Havent hit anything in a long time, 21 years if your thinking is in the gutter, mine sure is. :P

Going to put punching bag up and beat the shit out of it.

Will wear real gloves this time so I dont tear my nuckles to shreds again.

I miss Becca, and so does my sister with whome I just spoke. We miss you, Call us. I'm going to start singing Celine Dion soon.

I forgot I had this song in my music library... See Spot Run - Weightless. That brings back memories from grade 9. Ahh highschool crushes that you'll never forget.

Anyway I'm in a wierd mood, check Chris's blog for details. Time to go punch stuff