Friday, October 07, 2005

Sometimes at night.... I sleep.

So last night was one of the worst nights for dreaming.

It started out when I was falling asleep. You know those dreams where you're walking and then you trip and fall and jolt awake.... yea I had one of those kinda of dreams but it was a bit different.
I was driving in my car in the right hand lane, and Becca was driving in the left hand lane. We were both going the same direction and we were looking at eachother and sticking our tungs out and flippin eachother the bird.. you now the usual greeting for friends who meet while driving...
well i was about to finger her again when *BAM!* she gets hit head on from a fully loaded logging truck. and that was when I jolted awake.
Anyone who knows me knows I really care about Becca, and I worry about something like this happening all the time. Well when I woke up I could hear my cell phone vibrating on the roof above me (I sleep in the basement so the roof is also the floor), and I got this sick feeling in my stomache that the phone was ringing because Becca had been in a car accident and Becca's mom was calling me to tell me what had happened.
Thankfully the phone wasnt Becca's mom, it was stupid Trev from school. (I hate you. btw you might as well give me the $20.00 right now cause theres no way you're getting more than me on the next mid term :P)

anyway I text messaged Becca and she replyed so I was able to fall back asleep.

The rest of the night I was dreaming about Bandits and Fighting and there was one part where there was 2 people trying to rob me or something and I was fighting both of them, the only problem was that it felt like my arms were being restrained so i couldnt punch as hard as i wanted to... but I used my MIND FORCE and overcame the restraint and i hit the guy straight in the mouth.. but then I woke up because I realized that in my sleep I had punched the Top of my bed and the restraints were actually my blankets.

And shortly after that I realized that I was going to miss my English class since my alarm didn't go off on time, stupid useless english class waste of stupid $200.00.

Needless to say, I'm not sleeping tonight. Stupid dreams. *hunts down the java*


  • Okay, sir. I say it all the time...we both know that I don't have time to die. It's just not on my list of things to do in the near future.

    Or EVER...after I finish my potion in my secret laboratory...


    But honestly...*sigh*'re cute for worrying. :P Look at it this way,'re a speedier, more dangerous driver than me, so...what does that say? I go UNDER the speed limit...

    By Blogger becca, at Sat. Oct. 08, 06:12:00 p.m.  

  • You might drive under the speed limit, but you're also the one who cut off that truck who was going to plow into the drivers side of you... BUt i have to agree, Becca simply doesn't have TIME to die!! It would seriously put a crink in all her plans. ha ha... where as i Could only hope to, lol, reminds me of a quote, (from Bridgets Jone's Diary: Edge of Reason) "Oh really? I find smoking quite useful. I take comfort in the fact they might kill me before things get worse." anyhoo... to riding ponies and calming drunk ppl.

    By Blogger Dez Dez, at Sat. Oct. 08, 06:20:00 p.m.  

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