Thursday, October 06, 2005

Oh-m-god like, I so tottaly love school!

Like wow, Yesterday I like went to college 'cause like, I don't want to be working in like a restaurnt for ever 'cause I've like seen those people and like they're all so wrinkily by like 40 years old and they are like sooo... bitter too, like take a chill pill. but like anyway, ummm, where was I? Oh yea! Like Oh-m-god, school yesterday was like so boring 'cause like all we did was go to the library and like play on the computers, and like I can just get my super dorky, and male, other personality to like do it for me at home, but like seriously, oh-m-god it was boring, almost boring like trying to watch like your friends play video games that are like so supid, like this one time my friends were playing something like angel2 or halo2 or something like that and like they were having so much fun but like i couldn't see how it possible could be cause like there were no like barbies, or like makup, or like talking about boys. I could so have had my manicure and facial that day but like I decided to go spend time with my friends like how stupid am I TeeHee.
So anyway like school, oh-m-god English class is so boring like thats what we did, we went to the library and like looked on the internet for like journals and like interesting stuff on topic we chose but i was like so tottaly bored I started to file my nails cause like i hadn't done it in like a day and they were like getting so tottally gros. so anyway like I decided to leave class early and I felt like such a rebel without a cause you know? It was like was so cool. So like afterwards I went to the mall and like went to that place you know that gives the massages and since I like had such a hard day already I like decided to like treat myself because I like deserved it so I got a massage and like it was so good that I like decided to like give the guy my phone number, and like try to get massages every day like, I'm so smart but like now its time to go get ready for like school, hopefully today will like be interesting. You know I was just thinking... hey don't laugh at me... I can think too... like anyway now that the rude people are gone, like i was just thinking that maybe im like too smart for school like they should just give me my degree right now cause like i know it all already, I read cosmo. thats good enough but like anyway I've got to go so i'll like post again later K? Kay! ByeBye XOXOXOXOXOXO

I'm in a strange mood.


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